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pour the drink, plate the food, play the music...

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The MF Tasting Notes

Fascinated by the science and research that showed us that the music you listen to impacts the taste of food and drink you are eating and drinking, the team at Mode for...Events devised "The MF Tasting Notes" - a series of live events which feature food, wine (and other drinks!) and live music.

Being professionals in the field of events, music and food (and huge wine, beer and gin lovers between us!) we wanted to create the perfect experience that would encompass all the elements, allowing you to enjoy great food, drink and music and be wowed by the effect that different music choices have on your sense of taste.

So, along with our love of collaboration with fabulous people, we have joined forces with some of the best wine and drinks experts, talented musicians and passionate foodies to bring you "The MF Tasting Notes."

Don't hesitate, get on board this amazing journey and let your senses be dazzled. Read the science, check out our events and join us soon.

Tabby xxx

Tabby Kerwin


Mode for...Events

pour the drink, plate the food, play the music...