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pour the drink, plate the food, play the music...

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The Concept (& some research!)

We'll be honest, we love reading and learning and discovering new things so we were truly delighted when we found research about some of our favourite things in life working so well together; yes, wine and music...

So, the science and research says that the wine you drink tastes like the music you are listening to. (Read here ... and here)

Interesting eh? We think so.

You may also remember a show on Classic FM in association with Lathwaites Wines and presented by Simon Callow which gave you tasting notes on selected wines and recommended music to listen to.

Well, we decided to take things one step further.

Having learned about the connection with wine and music and being fully aware of both the importance and trend of wine pairing with food, we've decided to put everything together in one fabulous experience.

Our events will offer a dining experience with hand selected wines (or other drinks as we intend to get a little jazzy with Gin and crafty with Beer too!) and some fabulous live music to set the tone and see how your taste buds respond to the different styles and genres of music.

You're loving the idea aren't you....and wondering if it can be true?

We're designing events to be a complete experience for the senses and you will receive notes and inspiration, food, drinks and hear the sounds of some fabulous musicians, plus have the opportunity to purchase products on the night from our amazing supplier friends.

Sounds great doesn't it? Check out our events and get your tickets now to come and share the experience with us.